"Tetetete... I seek to rewrite historyyyyyy..."
Anomalycaris is a strange Cartoonian hailing from another dimension. He is an anomalocaris who is capable of exhibiting strange powers. He is in the notoriously infamous group; the Time Brigadiers.

Appearance Edit

Anomalycaris has an orange shell with a tan gradient above it. His underbelly is a radioactive green. He has six red insectoid legs with green tips. His head is composed of a giant vertical mouth with tan shells taking place of lips and four teeth on each shell. He has brown eye sockets and green eyeballs. The same brown and green can be seen on his antennae and claws. His tongue is pinkish orange.

Abilities Edit

Anomalycaris is capable of creating short-lived time portals with a slash of his claws. He has the ability to hop through timelines and (being a Time-element) retcon time, though his ability to retcon is very basic. He is known to crawl through this very wiki and edit other characters' profiles. However, it is up to the more powerful Time Cartoonians who can make these edits into reality.

Personality Edit

Anomalycaris is a mischievous Cartoonian, using his abilities to cause trouble. He can even use them to summon prehistoric Cartoonians into other timelines! However, he hates the thought of evil and refuses to cause havoc-filled timelines. Still, the Time Brigadiers are NOT evil, only playful...and too rough.

Trivia Edit

  • Anomalycaris is the representation of a user who vandalised one of the wiki's articles. The user now manifests in the Cartoonian Multiverse as Anomalycaris. The gods turned him into this form as a punishment for vandalism.
  • Anomalycaris tends to stutter and tic sometimes. These noises are comparable to a Geiger counter.
  • Anomalycaris has a gland in his body which generates quantum powers. This lets him rip holes in time and space.
  • Currently, he has removed at least ten characters from existence. They are hardly mentioned on the wiki because none of the Cartoonians can remember who they were. However, some Cartoonians are aware of them.
  • He is the same size as an actual anomalocaris, only his jaw is two times bigger.