Corrupted Bombauble is Bombauble's Corruption form.

Appearance Edit

Corrupted Bombauble remains similar to his original counterpart, but his leaves are brown due to the Poison infusion making them wilt, and he has Corruption veins all over the top of his head. His baubles become dark magenta rather than red, signifying them being filled with poison. His sclerae are black and he has glowing red irises. His large teeth are replaced by lots of small incisors, with his star gaining a mouth complete with these same incisors. His bark turns a dark purple color.

Corruption abilities Edit

Corrupted Bombauble's baubles do not burst with explosive energy, but rather they explode into puddles of Corruption fluid, which can be utilised like paintballs. His new incisors are capable of chewing through flesh, and his saliva contains the Corruption virus as well. The teeth on his star have the same properties, but the star is capable of vomiting Corruption fluid all over the ground.

Personality Edit

Bombauble becomes more bestial and wild in personality from the Corruption, and starts to throw his baubles all over the place without caring for what or who he hits, not even other Corruptions. The mouthed star on his head seems to be quite unpredictable in behavior. Psychic scans show that Corrupted Bombauble's star is not able to think for itself and is not controlled by him, instead its behaviors are caused by reflexes due to it still having a neural system. Corrupted Bombauble tends to hate his mouthed star sometimes due to how uncontrollable it is, therefore causing him a lot of embarassment in several occasions.

Trivia Edit

  • Corrupted Bombauble is the first Corruption of a Christmas-themed Cartoonian.