"KKKH KKKH KKKH!!!" ~ Corrupted Orchantis
Corrupted Orchantis is the result of Orchantis getting infected by the Corruption Virus.

Appearance Edit

Due to Corrupted Orchantis being infected by the Corruption, her skin turns from pink to a bright purple, and the petals on her wrists and tail turn indigo. Her mouth is probably the most disturbing thing about her, as her jaw is unhinged and she has huge mandibles coming out of it, near each cheek. (She also has a second mouth inside that faces vertically, with fleshy strips holding them.) She also has a third mouth that ruptures through her chest. Also, her sclerae turn black, with red irises. The left one glows, while the right one doesn't. Corrupted Orchantis' right eye always seems to look forward, except when she is hunting someone down, in which case her right eye will start to glow & focus on her current target.

Corruption Abilities Edit

Corrupted Orchantis can summon flowers like her uncorrupted form, except they are infused with Corruption and can drain life force. Also, there are two shorter arms underneath her original ones, which are used to grab prey. She tends to emit horrifying screams from time to time that cause insanity when someone hears her scream continuously for 10 seconds or more. The insanity ceases when Orchantis is decorrupted.

Personality Edit

Corrupted Orchantis is a merciless hunter who stalks her prey until they are captured. She will slice obstacles with her mantis forearms until her path is unobstructed, However, due to being corrupted against her own will, she cannot control her body most of the time. Her insanity-causing screams are the result of her screaming for help, but the Corruption is turning the screams into a weapon. To summarise, Orchantis is unable to control her own exoskeleton, but she is unable to do anything about it due to her dislocated jaw, which renders her only able to make choking sounds.

Trivia Edit

  • When Orchantis was decorrupted for the first time, she wouldn't stop panicking and crying in remorse for five hours. The poor girl went through a lot of tissues.
  • Corrupted Orchantis' appearance is based on Calne Ca, a fan-made Vocaloid.
  • Corrupted Orchantis' choking sounds are similar to Jessie's Mimikyu from the 3rd episode of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. In fact, she sounds nothing like her uncorrupted form.
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