"I am the chariot to your DOOM!" ~ Dollcifer
Dollcifer is a Doll, Demon and Fire Cartoonian. He is a Dollperson possessed by a powerful demon.

In the Council of High Demons, he is the Envy representative, due to his desire to go back to his powerful state and his clingy tendencies. (Technically, his namesake is the demon of pride, which Dollcifer reflects on his egotistical personality.)

Appearance Edit

Dollcifer is a Dollperson who, due to his demonic possession, has mutated to look more demonic. His colour scheme consists of vermillion and black, with red horns. (The left half is black, the right half is vermillion.) Dollcifer's body has been ripped in half, so he moves by levitation. (His demon wings make it faster.) He has buttons for eyes, yet when removed, they show glowing green flames within his eye sockets.

Backstory Edit

Dollcifer was once a really powerful demon, who was able to destroy entire cities just by one fireball shot. However, a guild of heroic priests fought him and ended up killing him with their holy magic. They sealed his fleeing soul in a ragdoll. However, that was Dollperson thread, making him turn into one of them. However, despite his size and appearance, he proves to be just as powerful as he was before.

Personality Edit

Dollcifer is a spitfire, often getting irritated a lot. He wants everyone to see him as a powerful and monipotent demon, and yet when they don't, he gets upset and throws tantrums. Dollcifer feels annoyed when he sees others claiming that they're powerful, because he thinks that he is the most powerful out of all of the Cartoonian population. His tactics while fighting seem to involve draining vitality and inconveniencing his opponents by slowing them down.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever Dollcifer actually speaks, he speaks in a booming, echoing voice.
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