"I think I laid an egg." ~ Hardhen
Hardhen is a hen Cartoonian. She is Roostack's wife and has a daughter named Chickute. She lives in a chicken farm with a whole bunch of chickens.

Appearance Edit

Hardhen has a similar appearance to her husband Roostack. The difference is that she has gold irises rather than green, she has a slightly brighter-coloured body and she has yellow body feathers rather than tan. Also, she's obviously more feminine compared to him (with the eyelashes and brighter comb).

Personality Edit

Hardhen is known for being nice, but she tends to be a bit stubborn and bold. She tends to practice fighting with Roostack (and tries not to embarrass herself while constantly tripping). However, she always tends to have a bright smile on her beak.

Trivia Edit

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