"Don't I look marvellous?" ~ Orchantis
Orchantis is a Grass and Insect Cartoonian. She is an orchid mantis who is very narcissistic.

Appearance Edit

Orchantis is an anthropomorphic orchid mantis. She has fuschia skin with yellow on her antennae, eyelids, and abdomen. Orchantis has 4 beige legs with a single toe each. Her arms are a darker shade of fuschia, with her forearms having the same fuschia as her head. Her forearms and tail have light red petals on them. She usually wears her cheerleading dress.

Personality Edit

Orchantis can be a bit vain sometimes, and often thinks about herself a lot. Still, she often likes to encourage others. Orchantis' favourite colour is pink (since all orchid mantises like it), so her casual clothes are usually shades of pink.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite looking like fingers Orchantis' petals are NOT her actual fingers. Mantises don't even have fingers.
  • Orchantis was the first Cartoonian to get a revamped image.
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