"Please play with me!" ~ Rabbikyu
Rabbikyu is a Doll, Ghost and Fairy Cartoonian. She is designed after the Pokémon Mimikyu. Rabbikyu is a Dollperson who manifests as a stuffed rabbit.

Appearance Edit

Rabbikyu shares a similar design to her namesake, with a few changes. She is a faded pink colour with purple on the lower half (which she calls a dress). Rabbikyu has vivid red blush spots on her cheeks. She has button-eyes on her face and dress, akin to her namesake. However, ALL of them are fully functional. She also has dust all over her, in contrast to the bloodstains of the other Dollpeople.

Personality Edit

Rabbikyu is being possessed by a little girl, so she uncannily behaves like one. She says that her new Dollperson body used to be her favourite plushie. (She was holding it at the time of her death and rebirth into a Dollperson.) Rabbikyu likes hairbrushes, despite not having hair. She also likes to use her telepathic abilities to play mischievous pranks.

Trivia Edit

  • Rabbikyu is the first Cartoonian that JustinMasterMine made that was a deliberate rip-off of a famous character.
  • Rabbikyu debuted in a Scratch project (which was an OC version of the Touhou song Bad Apple) that Justin made alongside several other Dollpeople. The project uses Rabbikyu's original design, which features pink cheeks instead of red and no eyebrows on her tummy eyes.
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