Vampsqueed is a sapient vampire squid. He is a grump who doesn't care about the wellbeing of other Cartoonians.

Appearance Edit

Vampsqueed is a vampire squid who has a primarily red colour scheme. His head is dark red with three purple spots. The spots have the ability to flash blinding and disorienting lights, like a real vampire squid. He also has clawed hands. Due to Vampsqueed's non-humanoid appearance, he does not wear clothes in public.

Personality Edit

Vampsqueed acts like a jerk all the time, sometimes even sucking people's blood. (He says he does this because nobody can understand what he's saying.) He tends to pick on people, and whenever he does, he says insults and death threats, but nobody cares due to his unintelligibility. However, if one listens closely, they can see that he is speaking actual English. Psychic Cartoonians tend to get along quite well with Vampsqueed, mainly because they can use their mind-reading to know what he's saying.

Trivia Edit

  • Vampsqueed speaks gibberish because he is constantly spluttering blood and mucus out of his mouth. It is located in the hole in the middle of his tentacles.
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